June 30, 2014

Mammoth Lakes Area

Weather Report

Don't forget your water bottles and sunscreen as you hit the lakes, rivers and creeks. The water's reflection seems to like to help the sun in its constant attempts to turn us all bright red and leave us sadly remembering the trip. Don't forget life jackets for the kids if you are fishing from a boat!

REPORT AS OF 6/26/2014

Heat wave on the way with 90's in Crowley and triple digits in Bishop. The San Joaquin is as good as it gets!

We only report first-hand info from our sixteen guides on the water daily, Bishop to Bridgeport.

Mammoth Lakes Basin

Water Conditions: Clear and cold.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: More of the same, fishing continues to be excellent. Stay close to the falls on upper twin (whats left of them) and fish the deeper pockets of water in between the weeds. For Mary and George kick in your tube right along the dropoff around the perimeter of the lake. Type 3 sink line recommended but you might be able to get away with a sinking tip.

You can also fish under the indicator just like on Crowley and you'll see the occasional Callibaetis so don't be afraid to throw some dry flies before dark

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Griffiths Gnat 16-22, Parachute Adams 16-20, Stimulator #18

NYMPHS: Zebra midges 18-22, Tan and Olive Bord's Nests 14-16, Pheasant tails 14-16, Hare's Ear #16,

STREAMERS: Leech patterns, Olive Twin Lakes Specials 10-12, Olive Wooly Buggers 10--12

Guide's Hint:

Hot Creek

Water Conditions: Flows at 21CFS as of 6/26. Water is clear.

(Note flows include water from the springs, not just the gauging station at the highway so this is what is really flowing through the canyon)

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

Getting even more challenging as the weedsare starting to matte on the surface.

At this point with the water as low as it is, we prefer a dry dropper or hopper dropper setup with one beaded fly in between the weeds.

Caddis are everywhere during the afternoon so you may have to do a few drifts before a fish takes your fly as there are many to choose from.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Extended body blue winged olive 18-22, CDC Caddis 18-22, Hot Creek caddis 18-20, parachute Caddis 18-20, parachute Adams 18-22, Elk Hair Caddis 16-20,

NYMPHS:Hogan's S&M Nymph #20, Zebra midges 20-22, WD-40 20-22, Micro May Fly 18-22, Pheasant Tail 18-22, Grey Scud 16


Guide's Hint: Don't be afraid to try the most basic patterns here, just because these fish have seen every fly under the sun, doesn't mean they won't eat an elk hair caddis or a stimulator every now and then.

San Joaquin River

Water Conditions: Good

Water is clear and cold. Recent rain and warmer temps have the flows back on the rise again. Almost double what they were last week.

Flows at 81cfs as of 6/26

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good

Water is warming up fast now, and the fishing is good all day, with some big mayflies hatching in the evening right before dark.

Stockers near the campgrounds and some nice browns to be found iif you're willing to hike in between them.

Recommended Flies:

Dries: Flav DUN #14, Parachute Adams #14-16 Yellow Humpy #14-16, Stimulator #14-16, Elk Hair Caddis #14-16, Chernobyl Mini #12-14, Fat Albert #14 Nymphs: Chartruse Copper John #14-16, Pheasant Tail #14-16, Prince Nymph #14-16, Hogan's S&M Nymph #14-16

Guide's Hint:

Crowley Lake

Water Conditions: Lake level no change from last week. 'Now at 6,764 ft versus 6,781 ft elevation at the spillway.

Don't let water level worry you. They will not take it down lower than the launch ramp, which is where they took it down to last year, and the fishing was great - same fish in smaller pond!

Water temperature is 58°-59°F (on the bottom) uniformly most places on the lake.

Algae is getting going but not an issue yet - go brighter!

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: The Daphnia s finally subsiding but holding on in certain areas. Keep moving and maybe you can find a spot where it isn't as it moves around each day with the currents.

The currents are wind and temperature driven so tomorrow is another day, as they say. Should be gone soon as it has about run its course.

Big Hilton all along the south side out to Pelican Point, producces early but by 9:30am pretty much over.

Stormy Flats and Sandy Point have slowed considerably and the fish in McGee Bay are very spread out now.

Fish deep along Six Bays and spread out in the north end.

After 10am - "10 minute rule" - no bites, pull the anchor and try the next spot.

Recommended Flies:

Bright red larvae patterns and Albino Barons the best before 9am. Go to red/black later and gray/black midday. Some green flash in whatever fly you pick is a good idea in the deep, dark world below the algae.

Stripping streamers is working pretty well in the Daphnia - can't refuse a bigger meal.

Guide's Hint: Tired of 20ft+ leaders and sliding or break-away indicators trying to get to those very deep fish this year? Book a trip with one of our Crowley guides or come by the shop and let us dial you in on a new technique perfected over the last few seasons that makes fishing under indicator obsolete in 18+ feet of water. The best news about the new technique is a "closing ratio" of grabs that result in hooked fish of over 80% for most anglers. I used my wife, Jeri, who fishes about two days a season as my test case in 25 ft of water the other day. She hooked four legal fish before I could get a line in the water. The bait guy 50 feet away was floored. Me too! -k

Upper Owens River

Water Conditions: Fair

Flows holding steady at 53CFS Above the Hot Creek Confluence. as of 6/26

Water pretty clear above Hot Creek confluence, off color below.

The lower you go, the more "green slime" you'll have to deal with. Pretty bad down in the bait section and below, almost non existant up above the bridge though.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair

Unless the stocking truck has been here recently I haven't been seeing a whole lot of fish, they're definitely spread out.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: EC Caddis 16-20, Elk Hair Caddis 16-18, Parachute Adams 16-18, Stimulator 14-18.

NYMPHS: Red Copper Johns 14-18, Prince Nymph 14-18, Flashback Hare's Ear 14-18, Flashback Pheasant Tail 16, Zebra Midge 18-20, Red San Juan Worm 12, Fox's Caddis Poopah Green #16, Anderson's Bird of Prey Olive #16, Nori's Caddis Pupa Green #16-18

STREAMERS: Olive and black Wooly Bugger 10-12, Meat Whistle Olive and Black 2-1/0, Stump Buster Olive and Brown #8.

Guide's Hint:

Owens River Gorge

Water Conditions: Good

Call the shop for information.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

No recent reports. Call the shop for current information.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: parachute adams, extended body bwo, cdc baetis dun, stimulator

NYMPHS: Hogan's S&M Nymph, Flashy PT, prince nymphs, hares ear, birds nest, wd40, zebra midge, disco midge

STREAMERS: Matuka, Goat Leech, Crystal Bugger, hornbergs

Guide's Hint:

Pleasant Valley Reservoir

Water Conditions: Water levels are dropping.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: No recent reports. Call the shop for current information.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: CDC Baetis DUN, Parachute Adams, Groffith's Gnat

NYMPHS: Red BH Optimidge, Mickey's Red Baron, Copper Johns, #18 Black Beauty, WD40, Disco Midge, Zebra Midge #18-#20,

STREAMERS: Docs Twin Lakes Special, Olive Matuka #10, Flahabou Buggers Olive, Rickards Seal Bugger, Big and Black Streamers

Guide's Hint:

Rock Creek

Water Conditions: Flows at 39CFS as of 6/26

Creek is clear and cold.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fishing is OK in the creek, the fish are spooky so walk lightly. A small dry dropper setup is your best bet. Lakes are thawed with some surface action at the inlet.

Recommended Flies:

Dries: Parachute Adams #16-18, Hi-Vis Blue Wing Olives #16-18, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, and try some terrestrials like the Parachute Kicking Hopper, or some black ant patterns.

Nymphs: Crystal Hunchback Baetis #18-22, Tungsten Psycho #18-20, Split Wingcase BWO #16-20, Zebra Midges #18-20, Pheasant Tails #18-22, Hares Ear #16-18.

Streamers: Olive or black Wooly Buggers #10-12.

Guide's Hint: Be stealthy, as the lower the water gets the more wary the fish will be.

Rush Creek

Water Conditions: Flows above Grant Lake are 22CFS and 35CFS below as of 6/26

Water is clear and cold.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Flows are down from last week, and the water is getting pretty skinny. With the flows where they are you can't just go tromping through the river and expect to catch anything, so low and slow is the game.

A dry dropper setup will be the most productive.

Try nymphing attractor patterns in the deeper pools too.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Elk Hair Caddis 14-18. Stimulator 14-18.

NYMPH: Copper Johns 14-18, Prince Nymphs 14-18, Micro May Fly 16-20, Micros Stome 10-16, Zebra Midge 18-20, Pheasnt tail 14-20, Bird of Prey, Tan #16, Hare's Ear 14-18.

STREAMERS: Wounded Sculpin, Matuka, BH Carey Bugger, Crystal Bugger, BH Pop's Bugger, Rickard's emerger bugger

Guide's Hint:

Lower Owens River

Water Conditions: Good

Flows at 221CFS as of 6/26.

Water is tinted green. Flows are bouncing around but only by about 20-30cfs. Hasn't affected the fishing very much though.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Good

Pretty slow before 11, but picks up as soon as the mayflies start coming off. We're nymphing the faster water with a fair amount of weight. That's not to say they're not in the deeper water, it's just easier to fish the faster water.

Not much going on up top, with only the occasional rising fish in the slow moving water in the shade.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: CDC Baetis DUN, extended body bwo, parachute adams, stimulators, griffith gnat, CDC Trico emerger.

NYMPH: Zebra midge #20, Tungsten Black Beauty #20-22,, Micro mayfly #16-18, olive birds nest, bead head prince nymph, Hogan's S&M Nymph #16-18, hare's ear, flashback pheasant tail, tungsten psycho #18-20

STREAMERS: Muddler Minnow 6-10, Olive and Black Wooly Bigger 10-12, Mini Sculpin 6-10

Guide's Hint: Make sure you're wearing some bug spray, the ticks are everywhere!

Bridgeport Reservoir

Water Conditions: Very Low Water

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Despite low water the fishing has picked up considerably. Don't be afraid to fish water 4-6 ft deep.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Callibaetis by the inlets.

NYMPH: Zebra Midges16-20, Shaft Emerger #16, No Name damsel #12, Bird's Nest Olive 14-16, Jensen's Callibaetis 14-16, Richards AP Emerger 12 -16, BH Sparkle Ex-Leech 10-12.

STREAMERS: Twin Lakes Special #12. Hornberg 6-10, Matuka 10-12, Wooly Buggers, Olive and brown, 10-12, Hale Bopp Leeech 10-12, Punk Perch 10-14.

Guide's Hint:

East Walker River

Water Conditions: Good

Flows up to 100CFS as of 6/26

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: With the flows up a bit, a few of the guys have been up here and have told us the fishing is quite good, so get it while it lasts.

Recommended Flies:

DRIES: Parachute Adams #14-18, Hi-Vis BWO #14-18, Griffiths Gnat #18-22, Elk Hair Caddis #16-18, Stimulators.

NYMPHS: Zebra Midge 18-22, Barr's Flashback BWO 18-20, Nori's Caddis Pupa 18-20, Z Caddis 16-20, Buckskin Caddis 14-20, Nitro Caddis Pupa 16-18 WD-40 18-22 Olive, Rainbow Warriors 18-22, Tungsten Psycho, Crystal Hunchback Baetis, Micro May Fly 18-20, JuJu Baetis 18-20, Split Case BWO 18-22, Two-bit Hooker 18-20.

STREAMERS: Black or Olive Wooly Buggers #8-12, Matuka #8-12, Punk Perch 10-14, Hornberg 6-10.

Guide's Hint:

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