March 16, 2018

Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center

Tons of new snow and more on the way! Come enjoy some great gliding and skating!

Current Conditions: 3/16/18

Snow Temperature:-6C /18 F
Air Temperature: -6C/18F
Recommended Kick Wax Blue
Recommended Glide Wax: Blue/Red
Current weather conditions: Stormy

Trails currently open: Bobby's Blast, Cabins, Coldwater Loop, Eastside, Falls Tract, Horseshoe Woods, Lake George Loop, Lake Mary Loop, Lucky Strike, Lake Mary Road, Nancy's Promenade, Short But Sweet, Sidewinder Lower, Sidewinder Middle, Sidewinder Upper, Twin Lakes Loop, Twin Lakes Road, Ueli's Allee, Voodoo, Waarlis Wrath


Tamarack has the distinction of providing the only winter resort complete with a full-service Ski Center in Mammoth. Guests can cross country ski or snowshoe around the extensive trail network that loops and criss-crosses Mammoth's outer reaches. Vistas include frosted lakes, snow-covered peaks, forested trails and the back side of Mammoth Mountain. Trails are groomed daily and clearly marked.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report
June Mountain Snow Report
Tamarack Cross Country Ski Center Trail Report


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